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PaydayListing went live on August 2012. We started reviewing payday loan websites and services, and have expanded greatly since that time. Now we have an active coupon section updated monthly, our As Seen on TV video Reviews are very popular on YouTube and now we review over 10 payday loan companies. Along with all this, PaydayListing are actively reviewing more payday companies and related services. There truly is something for everyone here at PaydayListing.


PaydayListing is a for profit organization as are most review services. We make money based on advertising and products sales on some products. We never accept fees to do a review on a product or to improve placement of a product on PaydayListing. We attempt to provide you with complete and informative reviews and let you make the decision to apply or not to apply. If you have comments about any review, please post them on the website in comment.

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