AmeriAdvance Review

Ameriadvance Review

AmeriAdvance Feature

– Borrow Up To $1,500
– All States Are Eligible To Apply
– Fee $25-$30/$100 Loan
– No Faxing Required, Instant Approval.


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AmeriAdvance are an online fast cash specialist loan company. Their two stage loan application procedure is secure and confidential, and it will give you the cash you require today. You can opt to have a payday loan to cover unexpected, small expenses, whilst avoiding expensive late payment penalties and bounced check charges. Another AmeriAdvance review on the internet, highlights how this company encourages each of their customers to utilize these loans responsibly. AmeriAdvance always stresses to their customers that payday loans should be regarded as a short term answer to an emergency cash short fall. Customers are advised not to use these loans repeatedly to cope with continual budgeting problems.

The quantity of cash you can obtain from AmeriAdvance is dependent on the details you provide on your application form. Whilst other services may impose a limit of $1000.00, AmeriAdvance goes further and allows you to have a loan initially of as much as $1500.00. Moreover, once you have successfully repaid your loan, they will increase the amount you can take out on any future loans. In most cases, you do not have to fax your personal details over to them. Their secure online application form can be accessed twenty four hours per day.

AmeriAdvance enables you to enjoy the advantages of a payday loan and acquire money immediately, which you can use for any purpose. Regardless of if you are covering an unexpected expense, celebrating a special occasion, or paying off some bills, this short term cash is designed for urgent expenses at your discretion. You can get anywhere from eight to twenty five days to pay your loan back, if you opt to use this service. However, normally the loan will have to be repaid on your next payday.

Ease of Use

Another AmeriAdvance review on the internet highlights how easy the application procedure is for a payday loan with this company. Their online application form only takes a few moments to complete. Your submitted application form will then get reviewed straight away to determine whether or not you qualify for a loan. Traditionally, a company that offered a short term loan would expect to take some collateral from their customers to make sure that they would definitely receive the money back on time. Fortunately though, there are no related costs to make an online cash advance application with AmeriAdvance.

If you use AmeriAdvance, you can get your money when you need it, without having to visit the bank and stand in a queue. Also, you do not have to worry about getting penalized with any late repayment fees. The homepage of the company website advertizes immediate approval, with a 100% acceptance rate. Nonetheless, the Frequently Asked Questions page does say that you have to be currently employed (or be in receipt of regular income), earn a minimum of $1000.00 per month, be at least eighteen years old, and be a US citizen with a savings or checking account that has a direct deposit facility. Whether you own or rent your home, does not impact on your eligibility for obtaining a payday loan from AmeriAdvance.

Fee & Interest

Fees are determined based on the lender. These fees can range from $25.00 to $30.00, per $100.00 borrowed. The fees comply with every applicable federal and state law, and they are competitive. By forwarding your application, you are confirming that you want an employee of AmeriAdvance to call you to talk about your payday loan options. When they telephone you, their customer care is top notch and the staff are always very approachable and happy to help. You can ask them any questions and cancel your request, should you wish to do this. If you repay your loan prior to the scheduled date of repayment, you might qualify for a partial refund of your lending fee.

Site Security

The AmeriAdvance site is secured with S.S.L. technology. They only utilize reputable security providers like McAfee, GeoTrust and TRUST. Whenever personal details are being relayed on the internet, using a good quality encryption platform is vital for your peace of mind.


Another AmeriAdvance review on the web comments that this company is definitely one of the top cash advance providers around. They are involved with a wide range of lenders who each have a varying set of expectations. Therefore, rather than forcing you to use a lender who might not be the best choice for your personal circumstances, they research thoroughly to make sure you obtain the optimum deal for your payday loan. Also, because they deal with many lenders, the time frame within which you need to repay your loan can differ from case to case. The secure application form on the AmeriAdvance website is easy and simple to fill in. AmeriAdvance represents a fantastic resource for obtaining the money you require quickly, even if you suffer from poor credit.

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