Check City Review

Check City Review

Check City Feature:

– Loan Amount and APR are Varied By States
– State Licensed Lender In Many States.
– Resident of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia are NOT Eligible To Apply



Check City Review: Multiple Financial Services

Check City is a leader in financial innovation on the Internet. It is just another sign that the web is going to make everything easier. It has even made it easier to get through hard economic times because borrowers are no longer forced to wait in endless lines or wait interminable periods for approval or denial.

Check City is also versatile. This one site offers nearly every financial service that you could imagine. A lot of payday loan companies and other lenders have moved their operations to the web in order to make their businesses more convenient for their customers. This online business is essentially all of those businesses rolled into one.

What Types Loans Do They Offer?

On the home page for this company, visitors will quickly see the services tab. Scrolling over to this tab will reveal an incredibly long list of financial services. In addition to payday loans, this company offers many more amazing opportunities.

Many payday lenders provide services in check cashing, money transfers and in cash advances. However, Check City has branched out into numerous areas of financial operations in order to meet the needs of a wider variety of clients. For example, customers can also get car title loans through this same lender. Installment loans are also offered.

The website also offers opportunities to sell gold. However, the most unique portion of the services found here are the connections that Check City can help customers make with insurance providers, mortgage companies and tax preparers. This website is truly a one-stop shopping experience.

Payday Loans with Check City Are Easy

The primary business of the website is in payday lending. These sorts of loans are sought when borrowers cannot make ends meet before the next payday arrives. Check City is there to provide the money needed to pay for life’s necessities between the present time and the next paycheck.

Traditional payday loans were convenient but not as easy as they are now with Check City in the Internet. Once customers had to travel to their local payday lender’s office, after locating an assortment of paperwork. Now they can do it all from the comfort of their homes using this company’s versatile website.

Visitors to the website only need to click on the Apply Now tab in the home page of the Check City website. After entering some personal contact data, potential borrowers create an account and then fill out a few more online requests for data before submitting them. Approval takes less than twenty-four hours. When the money is approved, it is sent straight to customers’ bank accounts. Payment is subtracted from these accounts on the due date, relieving the customer from having to worry about sending in a check.


Check City is on the web and in select locations around the country. If customers do not wish to use the Internet or cannot do so, then they can request funds over the phone or visit the closest store location. While the application processes will differ slightly when using different methods, the convenience will remain the same. Funds will be deposited and subtracted using similar methods.

The Cost of Doing Business

Just like a bank or another business, Check City must support itself by charging fees for its services. The company acquires this money through charging interest on loans as well as by applying a finance charge to each loan. However, the lender will completely inform customers of the total amount that they will pay in order to complete the loan process. Maximum loan amount and APR rate are vary by state. You can check latest fee on their website.

Borrowers are also able to either extend their loans or pay them back ahead of time. In fact, during the first 24 hours, borrowers may change their minds about the loan and return the full amount according to the agreements that are made prior to lending. There are fees for extending the loan.


Check City is a licensed lender and maintains high security with the data that is transferred to its website over the Internet or handed over in its offices. In addition to this security, the company allows customers to determine to what extent their information may be shared with other entities. Like many financial companies and lenders, Check City shares some of the data it acquires with others.

Customer Service

Question about services should be directed to agents in local offices or on the live chat opportunity on the web. Agents are available around the clock online to answer questions and concerns.

Check City tries hard to do everything it can for its customers. That is why the company maintains offices around the country as well as on the web. Transparency is a key aspect of the way this company handles business with its clients. Inquiring borrowers should feel free to ask questions about any step of the process.

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