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Colorado citizens with occasional cash-flow problems may be surprised to learn that there is a simple way to handle that financial gap with a Colorado payday loan online. The payday loan is an emergency loan, and the original intent was for the borrower to pay the loan back from the next paycheck. Now each state has its own set of regulatory laws for this type of loan.

Colorado laws give borrowers more options than some states, in that they are not required to pay off the full loan amount in the next paycheck. It is important to note, however, that this is an unsecured loan, so the fees are higher. In other words, if a borrower used a car, stock, or personal property as collateral, a lender’s rate would be considerably lower than a payday loan, where there is no security.

Governing State Payday Loan Law Overview

– The following Colorado State regulations apply:

Maximum loan: $500 is the largest possible loan.

– Loan terms

The minimum length of a payday loan is 6 months, with no maximum term length.

– Extensions

It is possible to renew the loan, but renewals can incur finance charges. The maximum annual rate is set at 45 percent.

– Fees & APR

On a loan for $0-$300, the maximum finance charge is 20 percent. For a $300-$500 loan, the cost is 20 percent plus an additional 7.5 percent on amounts that exceeds $300. The lender may also charge an additional 45 percent annual rate on the payday loan.

If the borrower repays the loan in full before it matures, the borrower receives the unearned portion of that fee. A maintenance fee may also be charged, but it cannot be more than $7.50 for each $100, nor can it be more than $30 monthly. This fee can be charged after the first 30 days until it is paid off.


Not every state has access to payday loans, but citizens of Colorado have the option of covering emergencies or occasional cash shortfalls with a payday loan. The State of Colorado regulates the loan fees and maintenance charges, but since there is no collateral, the consumer cost is high. However, as long as the borrower reads the documents carefully and understands the loan terms and fees, a quick Colorado payday loan online can be a great help for people in a bind.

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