Documents Needed to Get a Payday Loan

what documents do i need to get a payday loan

If you have been thinking of getting a payday loan and have asked yourself what documents do I need to get a payday loan, you are not alone, because many people have wondered about the same thing. Payday loans can be got all over and help people who get into a financial situation that need help. There is a certain process when applying for one of these loans. Now days many payday loan lenders make loans from the Internet with very little paperwork needed.

The documents needed to receive a payday loan are pay stubs from your job, or paperwork for proof of a recurring income. This can be a disability check, or a check from your social security. Your income each month must be at least $1,000. You will need proof of a checking account such as a statement that will show that you have had it open for ninety days. You will need a driver’s license or some other kind of ID with your picture on it and proof of your address will be needed. Some lenders ask for a utility bill with the person’s name on it that will be applying for the loan.

After getting all your documents together. You can take them to a payday loan lender outside of your home or fill out the information on-line to apply for the loan. If you do it on-line, some of the documents that you need can be faxed such as identification, proof of employment and income, and proof of your residence. Many on-line companies do not require faxing. Getting approved is often very fast, sometimes it just takes minutes. There is no credit check process involved. You will get your money deposited into your bank account in about twenty-four hours time or if it is the weekend by the next business day.

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