Great Plains Lending Review

Great Plains Lending Review

Great Plains Lending Feature:

– Borrow Up To $1,000 On Your First Loan
– Loan Terms Range 4-15 Months
– Installment Loan Available
– APR Rate 199.44% – 448.76%
– Resident Arkansas, New York, Vermont and West Virginia are Not eligible to Apply



Quick Payday Great Plains Lending Review

Finding yourself in a temporary cash bind is a common occurrence. You are human. Humans make mistakes and things happen that you cannot possibly control. Maybe you miscalculated when balancing your checkbook, or maybe the bonus you thought you were getting this week is smaller than you thought it would be or is going to be delayed another week, leaving you without the funds you need even just for daily living expenses. Payday loan services offer quick short-term loans to keep you on your feet until you get paid again. This Great Plains Lending review here details the payday loan service process and what to look for and avoid in a payday loan quick-cash service.

How It Works

Generally you need only submit a fairly simple application either online or in person if you live near a main office. Upon approval, your funds can appear directly in your account as early as the next business day (as long as your application is approved by 6:00PM on the day of submission in the case of Great Plains Lending). You then pay back the loan little by little as you would with any other type of loan (in bi-weekly installments with GPL). With some services you may have the option to pay the entire loan back in one installment and avoid finance charges.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are a desirable part of any service, perhaps especially one that deals with your money. You probably want to know where your money is going, when it gets there, and everything in between, so good customer service is essential for you to feel secure about using a lending service. Great Plains Lending’s customer service representatives are available from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening on Saturdays. You can express inquiries via email, phone call, or traditional mail.

Fees and Interest

Great Plains Lending Fee Table

Great Plains Lending Fee Table

The total cost and terms of a quick-cash loan service are the most important aspect of the business. As the applicant, you must be aware that these services come with very high interest rates and are an emergency source of cash; not a long-term loan. Great Plains Lending is no exception. For a loan amount anywhere from $100 to $600, you will pay nearly 450 percent (448.76 to 448.78) interest over 8 to 12 weeks. A loan of $700 to $800 will cost you 398.91 percent interest over 18 weeks. A $900 to $1,000 loan will cost you 349.04 to 349.05 percent interest over 24 months. A $1,100 to $1,300 loan will cost you 249.3 percent interest over 30 months. Finally, a $1,400 to $1,500 loan will cost you 199.44 percent interest over 30 months. You are only eligible for a $1,000 maximum the first time you obtain a loan through this particular service provider. Establishing a reliable payment record makes you eligible for higher loans at lower rates in the future. Note that some other similar services may charge may charge as much as 600 percent or more in interest rates on smaller loan amounts.


Site security is a huge deal when your money and account information are at stake. You want to pay attention to whether a payday loan service offering online applications securely protects your data. Great Plains Lending promises your protection in the following ways: virus protection so you do not have to worry about getting viruses by interacting with their network, active firewalls to keep unauthorized intruders from accessing the network and your information, and secure data transmission via SSL encryption when sending data to and from you and your bank. Their website also offers tips on how to further protect your sensitive information on and off of their site.


A payday loan service should be user-friendly in terms of both the application process and site navigation. You want a quick and painless application submission, but you also want to be able to easily find the answers to any questions you may have before and after applying for a loan. The Great Plains Lending website is pretty intuitive. The online loan application is easy to find and fill out. There is also a comprehensive FAQ page that addresses a whole host of issues from what you will need to get approved to payment options to loan-matching services should they be unable to provide your requested loan themselves.

Quick-cash payday loans come at a high cost, but sometimes they are the easiest option to bridge the void until your next payday should you find yourself in a predicament. When choosing a loan service, be sure to pay attention to the factors outlined in this Great Plains Lending review to maximize your satisfaction with the service and to avoid potentially landing yourself in even bigger financial trouble.

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