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Iowa Payday Loans

Payday loans have helped many people in an emergency when something happens unrepentantly. You might need an extra amount of money for your car repair or medical bills that you need to pay off. A payday loan is money that you request, to do what you need to do with the money.

Payday loans in Iowa are restricted to certain criteria’s that must be followed. First of all you must have a valid Iowa home address and phone number. Borrowers must also have a valid driver’s license and a verifiable job that you have held for at least six months. Most lenders want to know that you are good for the money to be repaid and will not accept a job length of less then the six months. Another required item is that you have a bank account in which the loan can be directly deposited into. It can be a checking account loan or a saving account loan. Lenders can also verify your income through your banking account.

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Getting Payday Loan in Iowa

The maximum amount of a payday loan in Iowa is set by state law. The term of the loan is for two weeks. Your minimum payment can be $5 and no extra interest can be charged if you only pay the minimum. Loans cannot be extended or rolled over into a second month. When you sign your agreement you are stating that you will pay the loan off on a certain date with interest and any late fees that occurred. Consumers borrowing a payday loan in Iowa must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United States.

Before signing your agreement for your payday loan in Iowa you will be given a valid toll free phone number in which to call if you have any complaints. This is part of the state laws that the lender has to follow. Your agreement must also state all your rights and obligations in English and Spanish. Your agreement must also state that the lender cannot take you to criminal court for non payment of your load. Finance charges are set by law and the lenders can not charge more. Lenders must also be licensed by the state of Iowa in order to lend money.

Once you have filled out the application and your income, bank account and pertinent information has been verified, it should only take a few hours for the money to be in your account. As long as the lender can verify your information with phone calls, you should be approved right away. All the rules and the terms of your agreement will be on your website forms. If for some reason you do not like the terms after being accepted, you simply cancel the agreement and don’t sign the form. You are not obligated to take the loan.

Sometimes taking a payday loan to pay off a couple of other bills, will save you interest that you are paying out on those other obligations. Consumers should not depend on payday loans every month. They should be used for the emergency problems that crop up unexpectedly.

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