OppLoans Review

OppLoans Reviews

Is OppLoans legit ?

Opploans is a legit, state-licensed company based in Chicago which has been operating on the lending market since 2009. The company offers its loan services in the 29 states of the USA. First time borrowers can get approved for up to $1,000-5,000.


Opploans (Opp Loans) is becoming an active player on the credit market and is gaining more and more popularity with sub-prime borrowers who can not boast of perfect credit history.

The company’s CTO and GC are from Enova, which, in its turn, is the parent company to CashnetUSA and is known as one of the major players in the field non-prime credit. As the company uses Clarity Services, Inc., there is a high chance for a potential borrower to be approved even if their credit is bad. Moreover, the fact that you apply for a loan will not have any impact on your credit score with Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.

State-licensed company. The fact that OppLoans is a state-licensed company makes it more attractive to borrowers, as clients, as well as PaydayListing.com, give preference to licensed lenders rather than unlicensed ones.

OppLoans Requirements

Application criteria. The whole procedure of application looks like this. You have to meet certain criteria:

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, you fill out an application form on the company’s website. Bear in mind that if you are an active duty service member or their dependent, you are prohibited to apply for a loan via Opploans. On what grounds? – There is The Military Lending Act that reads that servicemembers cannot be charged more than a 36% APR.

Documentation. The documentation to be provided is as follows: a borrower has to submit an active checking account as well as your proof of income and latest pay stubs.

Short span of time. Your application is typically processed within a period of 24 hours. In case you are approved, you get your personal loan within one business day. If you are a first-time borrower, you may be eligible for a loan from to $1,000-5,000. As the company’s rates and terms depend on many factors, you’d better visit their website to get detailed information.

Loan terms. The company’s loan terms typically range from 9 to 36 months. The longer the term is, the more affordable your monthly payments are. Nevertheless, your interest also depend on the term of your loan.

Repayment. The process of repayment is carried out through either payroll deductions or other methods of repayment, such as electronic transfers. Opploans does not charge any pre-payment fees, which means that you do not have to pay any additional penalties in case you decide to pay your loan off earlier. As for late payment fees, be ready to pay up to 10%. The amount of APR ranges from 59% to 199%.


  • Application Process
  • Approval Time
  • Client-Friendly
  • Security Level
  • Satisfaction Rating

Some more OppLoans advantages.

One more fact that makes borrowing via Opploans attractive: making regular payments of your loan you thereby build your positive credit history.

And last but not least: there are two programs that the company offers. Their clients get a credit when they attend and complete financial education course; the other program provides $2,500 education scholarship to cover education costs.

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