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Plain Green Loans

Plain Green Loans Feature

– Borrow up to $3,000
– 210% – 438% APR
– Save up to 40% vs typical payday loan
– Loans Not Available in the Following US States: WV, MD, CO, NH, MT,ME
– Installment Loans Available



Plain Green Loans Review

As you will discover when you read a Plain Green Loans review, this lender is based on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in Montana. The company is owned by members of the Chippewa Tribe who are based on that reservation, and they offer first time borrowers loans of up to $1,000 in value. They have lower rates than many other payday lenders, and they offer better payment plans than most other short term lenders.

Typically, when a consumer takes out a payday loan, they have to pay the entire loan back on their next payday. With Plain Green Loans, however, borrowers get to make payments over several months. This makes Plain Green Loans more attractive than the payday loans that are offered by most other payday lenders.

Site Security

According to more than one Plain Green Loans review, their website is very secure. When borrowers give their banking or personal details to this lender, they never need to worry about security breaches. The website security certificate is up to date, and this lender is known for being discreet and careful with sensitive information.

Ease of use

As you will discover when you read a Plain Green Loans review, their application process is simple and easy. Borrowers can easily apply for the money that they need using Plain Green’s easy online application. To get started, borrowers simply need to enter basic details like their first and last name and their email address. Then, the website will lead them through the rest of the necessary steps.

Borrowers will need to provide Plain Green Loans with information about their income and their checking account. Once Plain Green has the information that they need, they will notify the borrower within seconds about whether or not they have been approved. If the borrower is approved for a loan, the money will be deposited into their checking account by the next morning as long as they have completed their application by 6:00 PM eastern time.

Fees & Interest

Plain Green Loans is not like most payday lenders. They do not expect their clients to repay the entire loan on their next pay date. Instead, they give their clients anywhere from sixteen weeks to 76 weeks to repay their loans. The interest rate on each loan varies depending upon how much money the consumer borrows and how long they take to repay it.

According to a Plain Green Loans review, a $250 loan carries an interest rate with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 378.95%. In order to payback a $250 loan, a borrower would need to make eight bi-weekly payments of $54.94 each. The more money a consumer borrows, the lower APR they will face. For instance, it they borrow $1,000, they will have a 299.17% APR, and they will have to make 24 bi-weekly payments of $124.16 each.

The first time a borrower contacts Plain Green, they may be able to borrow up to $1,000. After they have borrowed and repaid a few loans successfully, their privileges are increased. Responsible borrowers may be able to borrow up to $3,000 after they have established a relationship with Plain Green. A $3,000 loan is the most advantageous type of loan. It has an APR of only 59.84%, and borrowers can repay it in 38 bi-weekly installments of $119.29 each.

Customer Service

According to more than one Plain Green Loans review, this company offers top notch customer service. Their online interface is incredibly easy to use, but if a borrower has a question, they can contact a live person at the toll-free number that is easy to find on the website. The people who staff this number are all very knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Application Process
  • Approval Time
  • Client-Friendly
  • Security Level
  • Satisfaction Rating


Everyone faces a financial emergency once in a while, and the best remedy for many of these emergencies is a payday loan. When a consumer gets a payday loan, they get the money they need quickly, and on their next payday, they have to pay back the loan with a small fee. This repayment plan can be cumbersome for many consumers, and many consumers get locked in a payday loan cycle. Luckily, there are other short term loan options.

Plain Green Loans offers short term loans that work just like payday loans. Consumers can apply online, and they do not need to worry about their credit history. However, the key difference between a payday loan and a Plain Green loan is the repayment plan. When consumers take out a Plan Green loan, they get anywhere from ten months to twenty six months to repay their loan. This flexibility is an asset to most consumers. If you need money, you should follow the advice in a Plain Green Loans review, and you should contact them immediately. They will help you to get the funds that you need.

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